Unlikely Burpee Free Zone

AO: Tracks When: 07/15/2021 Number of PAX: 9 PAX Names: homer, Wingnut, Saint2O, Radar, Birdie, BallBoy, Meatball, popper, Angus, Number of FNGS: FNG Names: QIC: Birdie Preamble: YHC tried to make this BD a burpee free zone at least for today, however, since our AO next to the train track that would be unlikely. From […]

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The Cooper

AO: Tracks When: 06/24/2021 Number of PAX: 6 PAX Names: Birdie, BallBoy, Truman, Vlasic (DR F3 Birmingham) Number of FNGS: 2 FNG Names: Bullseye, Peppermint QIC: Birdie Preamble: For inspiration YHC read some BB and checked the exicon and found COOPER (1 lap around track. 10 burpees, 10 Squats, then 10 Merkins. Lap around track.

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Pain stations

AO: Hall of Justice When: 06/15/2021 Number of PAX: 5 PAX Names: val, Birdie, YouTube, Sensei, Truman, Number of FNGS: FNG Names: QIC: Birdie Preamble: WARM-O-RAMA YHC was grateful to be able to join another BD. After regular disclaimer we moseyed to the other entrance of the park only to be interrupted by train which

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Birthday week part 3

AO: Bridge When: 05/28/2021 Number of PAX: 8 PAX Names: DInghy, Wingnut, Birdie, Meatball, popper, Ready-Mix, Angus, Sugar Number of FNGS: 8 FNG Names: QIC: Birdie Preamble: Not sure, what was YHC thinking but this would be the 3rd Q for this week. Hopefully, YHC could still deliver some pain. WARM-O-RAMA After a quick disclaimer

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Another Mini Murph

AO: Bridge When: 04/30/2021 Number of PAX: 9 PAX Names: homer, DInghy, Wingnut, Popper, Birdie, PuffDaddy, Meatball, Maguire, Readymix Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: Birdie Preamble: A couple of weeks ago YHC lead the mini MURPH beatdown at Norseman, so YHC figured to do it again with PAX from the Bridge (a reminder

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