Another Mini Murph

AO: Bridge
When: 04/30/2021
Number of PAX: 9
PAX Names: homer, DInghy, Wingnut, Popper, Birdie, PuffDaddy, Meatball, Maguire, Readymix
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Birdie

A couple of weeks ago YHC lead the mini MURPH beatdown at Norseman, so YHC figured to do it again with PAX from the Bridge (a reminder to get ready for the MURPH on Memorial Day).

After disclaimer, we moseyed around the movie theater building and back to the green area and did:
12 Weed picker, 12 Windmills, 20 SHH & 10 Moroccan Night Club.

YHC mention about the mini/modified Murph.  YHC planned for 5 rounds of the following:
* 10 Pull ups
* 20 merkins
* 30 squats
* run for 2 laps around the green or 1 long lap around the theater.

and extra credit for the gazelle (mostly to wait for YHC).

As YHC ran the last round & noticed we still have more time, so we did one extra round, while the other PAX already finished their extra credit and may be more.

Next, we moseyed to one end of the green and together we did 1 copper head squat & 4 lunges. We did a total of 8 counts then moseyed back to the monument area for some Mary (gas pumper, wacky jack, crowd pleaser pickle pointer, american hammer, bbs, flutter kick (could not remember the rest).

Pray for 2 high school seniors that lost their moms to cancer, ReadyMix health test, Maguire's friend who was killed in car accident and thankful for the ability to exercise.

I am very grateful for these HIM, they kept pushing me out of my comfort zone, until next time.

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