AO: Bridge When: 08/01/2021 Number of PAX: 3 PAX Names: homer, val, Animal, Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: Homer Preamble: Test Preamble WARM-O-RAMA Test Warm THE THANG Test Thang COT Test COT NAKED-MAN MOLESKIN Test MMM

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4 Qs > 1

AO: Bridge When: 07/09/2021 Number of PAX: 4 PAX Names: Wingnut, Meatball, Ready-Mix, Sugar Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: Wingnut , Ready-Mix, Sugar, Meatball Preamble: Dinghy was on the Q sheet, but we had a little mix up. Have no fear, the 4 of us that posted split up the Q work. WARM-O-RAMA

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Rain plan contingency

AO: Bridge When: 06/11/2021 Number of PAX: 7 PAX Names: Wingnut, Smoked, PuffDaddy, Meatball, Boomer, popper, Bartman Number of FNGS: 1 FNG Names: Bartman QIC: Wingnut Preamble: With the weather forecast showing a decent chance of thunderstorms and YHC wanting to keep everyone safe, I decided to plan 2 beatdowns (one for good weather and

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Memorial Day Murph

AO: Bridge When: 05/31/2021 Number of PAX: 22 PAX Names: homer, val, bobbydodd, Animal, DInghy, Wingnut, Speedo, Quick Release, Smoked, Squeeky, Coconut, Birdie, Meatball, Boomer, popper, Ready-Mix, Angus, Maguire, ISS, Preacher, TBone, Doughboy Number of FNGS: FNG Names: QIC: Boomer Preamble: It was going to be a mini convergence at the Bridge for Memorial Day.

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