Tour de Peachtree Corners

AO: Bridge
When: 07/23/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: Wingnut, Birdie, PuffDaddy, Boomer,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Wingnut

As site Q I saw we had no Q signed up for today and decided to do it as some PAX not to be name have stolen over half of our usual Bridge Crowd for some synchronized swimming and swan dives.

Mosey with some bernie
Weed pickers
Back Slappers
Hamstring stretch
Calf stretch
LB arm circles

Start at equipment in woods
25 pullups
25 merkins
25 squats

Ascend the climbing wall

Mosey to hill, but don't look or stop at hill

Partner at Chase Bank – A chips away, B runs to stop sign and back
30 burpees
60 squats
90 lunges

Mosey to bridge for some dips

Mosey to grassy knoll in front of bank on the corner
5 rounds 10 squats, bear crawl up hill, 10 LBC, run down hill

Mosey to traffic light for partner alternating hand slaps (30). Partners plank facing eachother and instead of tapping your shoulder you slap hands with your partner. Bonus points if you could do all 4 hands at the same time.

Mosey to flag for a finisher of 75/75 – dips and step ups

5-6 minutes of mary

Prayers for Boomer as he travels with the family to the beach and for his family member that recently lost a parent, Biridie's son who is navigating an internal career change, Puff Daddy's mens group peer that recently lost his father.

Great to lead you gents!

In the months to come when the town homes that have risen out of the ground like a bunch of unwanted mushrooms are finished and occupied we will need to be more strategic about our workouts considering the town center isn't technically open when we do our BD. Loud music and cadence counting near the homes will need to be kept to a minimum and more of our BD will need to be further away.

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