Viva Las Vegas

AO: Bluffs
When: 07/23/2021
Number of PAX: 8
PAX Names: , Favre, Mayhem, Ginger Ale, MC, Double Fault, Bulldog, Mutt, TBone
Number of FNGS: 1
FNG Names: Mutt
QIC: Favre

It was as hot as Vegas in Flowery Branch this morning. Woke up in the gloom feeling like I had been in a casino all night with no sleep, but in order to hit the buffets later today I needed to take my body to the limits. Pressing our luck, we left our workout to the odds of Vegas!

Mosey around the flag pole with backwards run 1/2 way in.

Dice of destruction was laced with upper and lower body workouts. Each spin resulting in 1 minute of the chosen exercise. Completed 15 rounds and moved on to the next game of chance.

After pairing up in 2's we played rock paper scissors to determine who performed burpees while the other ran. 1/2 way through the burpee pain we switched to squats.

Finally, back to the dice which included a set of 5 traditional MARYs exercises that we complete 5 rounds of. Great work gentlemen!

Named a new FNG this morning (Mutt) because he had a sports team identity crisis from the many places he's lived over his lifetime. Thought Mutt was fitting. I think he'll be back! Thanks for inviting Mayhem. Shared the importance of reading God's word in expectation that He has a message for you. Shared Matthew 5:5 about contentment, Chapter 6 about giving, serving and praying in private for God's attention only, and Chapter 7 highlighting God's role as Father who gives good gifts to His children. Lots packed into the BIBLE. 2 prayer requests for Tbone and his wife to recover from recent car accident and Executioners wife's August neck surgery.

If you didn't catch last night's crazy bright orange full moon, then you missed a good one. Perhaps getting up early in the gloom isn't without some benefits.

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