This is your opportunity to brag about yourself or congratulate another PAX. Every day PAX are accelerating their fitness, health and relationships. When one person meets a personal goal it inspires others to work harder and meet their own goals.

Examples of shout-outs:
- I just run my first 5K (or half marathon or ultra or whatever)
- Animal lost over 20lbs in the last 6 months
- Gilligan organized a great 2nd F the brewery last Friday, we had 20 PAX
- Thank you for everyone who contributed toward...
- Huggy Bear has a (another!) new baby! Hoping he's still going to post

Up to you if you want to sign your name (recommended) or leave it anonymous.

You can also use this form to submit ideas to the shared leadership team, though you should expect they'll come back to you saying "Great idea! You'll implement it and we'll help"

Note: Shout-outs will be posted in the F3 Gwinnett newsletter.

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