BLIMPS around the town center

AO: Bridge
When: 06/18/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: Wingnut, Birdie, PuffDaddy, Bartman, Sugar
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Birdie

YHC was not planning to Q another beatdown this week, however, Wingnut asked if anyone want to Q at the Bridge, so YHC grabbed it.

After disclaimer we moseyed toward Sprout parking lot and did some Weed picker, SSH, Wind mills and Moroccan Night Club.

Thang 1: short moseyed to the side street where we did 11 (Dips & Step-up). some mumblechatter about the exercise going to get old very quickly 🙂

Thang 2:

moseyed to the bridge and where we started the modified BLIMPS and we partnered up.

1. BONNIE BLAIR (150) one pax do the reps the other bernie sander to accross the bridge and back then swap and plank for the six.
2. Then we moseyed to the parking deck to the LUNGES (150 reps), since we are on the top of the 1st level, the other PAX mosey down and bernie sanders back and then swap. Plank or air-chair for the six.
3. Moseyed to the other side of the parking deck to do the IMPERIAL WALKER (200 reps), the other PAX bernie sanders to the top level and mosey back down then swap. Plank for the six.
4. Moseyed to the top level to do the MERKINS (150 reps) the other PAX bernie sanders to the other side of the  parking lot then swap. Plank for the six.
5. Moseyed down to the green area to complete the last 2 exercies: PLANK JACK (200 reps) & SQUAT (200 reps) the other PAX bernie sanders across the green and moseyed back then swap.

We still a few minutes left for MARY: Gas Pumper, Protractor, Dying Cockroach & one other thing that YHC couldn't remember.

Pray for safe travel for many PAX & their families and our country.

Thanks for joining me to do some "FUN (stupid)" stuffs this morning, I think we all maxed out of the bernie-sanders :). It was great to see Bartman (RNG) & PuffDaddy who was out for a while. At least on Friday, we are blessed to have the choice to do the regular BD or hybrid BD and swimming at the Bushw00d. Until next time, see you in the gloom, have a great weekend and happy Father's Day.

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