Whose Q is it today?

AO: Coliseum
When: 05/03/2021
Number of PAX: 7
PAX Names: simba, Bulldog, Radar, gilligan, Long Haul, geo, MRE
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Simba

We had a good showing this morning. A solid 7. However….no one had the Q. Thus, the Site Q humbly took the PAX down memory lane of a couple of the first beatdown activities he went through. Many grumblings were heard and the Q was happy to hear them.

Mosey lap to the round-a-bout and back.
10 SSH
10 Imperial Merkins
10 Moroccoan Night Clubs
10 Weed Pickers

3 Sets of 2 rotations each. Making sure to hold for the 6 between each set.
1 rotation included:
– 15 Dips
– 10 Mike Tyson's on a swinging bench
– 20 Bonnie Blairs

After the PAX got their arms burning, we need to even it out with some legs.

We moseyed to the Coliseum hill and had ourselves an 11.
– Monkey Humpers
– Carolina Dry Docks

We decided to hold off on our famed Bernie Sanders. Monkey Humpers were a good start.

After the PAX finished that we moseyed to parking deck wall and had ourselves a 1 minute rotation of Donkey Kicks and Merkins. Had a train not interrupted us and thus giving everyone the chance to do 5 burpees, we could have had 2 full rotations. However, the PAX only had to do 1 set…..this time.

Bernie Sanders up the hill and head to the flag for some Mary

– Crunchy Frogs
– V-ups (thank you GEO for your insane IC speed counting)
– American Hammers
– Burpees

So much to pray for from health, personal need and family. Please keep everyone lifted up and keep connecting in slack. It's a great way to encourage and lift our brothers up.


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