B.L.I.M…P…..S……. Hindenburg???

AO: Tracks
When: 04/29/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: val, Animal, Saint2O, Smoked, YouTube,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Val

YHC decided the day before that I would try out a beatdown at the Tracks. Radar and I have become close over the last 5 months or so since we started Hall of Justice in Suwanee and Duluth wasn't as far as the Bluffs in Flowery Branch, so I reached out on Slack to find out who was Q. As it turned out, Radar was down for it, but he had just gotten his 2nd COVID shot and wasn't sure how he'd be feeling in the morning, so he asked if YHC wanted Q, so I took it.

Pulling up to downtown Duluth, YHC followed the GPS coordinates to the backside of the festival stage which was not where the PAX normally parked; next to Truck and Tap (need to get that fixed!) Being VERY familiar with Downtown Duluth (my M grew up there and loves DFF Duluth Fall Festival,) YHC took a few moments to survey the landscape before finding the F3 stickers on the back of a few SUVs in the correct parking lot. No more than 30 seconds later did YHC find Animal and Saint2O moseying to meet up. Smoked pulled up shortly before the bottom of the hour. We took a short walk to the grassy area in front of the stage and starting at 0530 sharp, YouTube came moseying down the steps to meet us.

After the cursory welcome with the 3 Fs, (started with "Family"... I mean what was wrong with me?) F3's mission, credo, and core values (it was early and YHC stumbled over this - need to work on the delivery) we moseyed over to Duluth City Hall and started with SSH. Moseyed over to a small circle between Truck and Tap and City Hall and performed some weed pickers. Moseyed to Truck and Tap and did Moroccan Night Clubs. Moseyed to the Continental Divide obelisk and finished with some Imperial Walkers.

YHC announced that we would be completing the Hindenburg B.L.I.M.P.S. The 4 WARM-O-RAMA stops would be our 4 "corners" that we would stop at to perform each exercise. The order would be as follows:

1st Round: Burpees x 10 at each stop
2nd Round: Lunges x 20 at each stop
3rd Round: Imperial Walkers x 30 at each stop
4th Round: Merkins x 40 at each stop
5th Round: Plank Jacks x 50 at each stop
6th Round: Squats x 60 at each stop

When we finished the 4th set of each exercise at the Continental Divide, we would plank for the six.

This was YHC's second attempt at this beatdown. The first was back on January 25 under an Inseam Q. It was a good feeling to be Qing this beatdown and really getting to see my 1stF acceleration over the last several months. Animal lives up to his name. YouTube joined YHC for a beatdown with PuffDaddy at Hall of Justice on Tuesday, had his VQ at Coliseum on Wednesday, and joined us at the Tracks today. That is some 1stF overdrive. Smoked is going for the gauntlet challenge put out by Homer and really showed his acceleration today. And Saint2O never showed signs of exhaustion. A real beast.

Prayers for traveling mercies (and strong kayak tie-downs) for Animal going on vaca-mode, Smoked for a long day trip with hopes to make it back in time to be at Truist Park to see the Bravos continue their 3-0 streak (last night's win was a 10-0 shutout against the Cubbies with a pitcher HR!), and for Val's never ending sales project to come in house and kiddos, teachers, and parents at the end of a long school year.

It was an honor to Q for Radar this morning at the Tracks. Real acceleration can be seen all over F3Gwinnett. The future impact of the seeds being planted today will be incredible.

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