Pain stations

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 06/15/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: val, Birdie, YouTube, Sensei, Truman,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Birdie


YHC was grateful to be able to join another BD. After regular disclaimer we moseyed to the other entrance of the park only to be interrupted by train which meant 10 burpees. For warm up we did Windmill, SSH, Weed Pickers & Imperial Walker.

Then we moseyed to the center of green area where YHC set up 6 pain stations. Each station has 4 different exercises. The rule was once you finished one station before going to the next station, you must run a lap around all the stations. These were the exercises:

#1 Merkins (17), American Hammer (17), Calf Raise (17), Burpees (5)
#2 Diamond Merkins (17) , Inch Worm (17), LBC (17), Burpees (5)
#3 Plank Jack (17), Lunges (17), Wide Merkin (17), Burpees (5)
#4 Copper Head Squat (17), Flutter Kick (17), Bear Crawl (17), Burpees (5)
#5 Carolina Dry Dock (17), Sumo squat (17), Star Jump (17), Burpees (5)
#6 Imperial Walker (17), Mountain Cliber AC (17), Squat (17), Burpees (5)

Rinse and Repeat.

Most were able to complete at least 1 round (6 stations) and some did more before YHC called for time.

We moseyed to the stage and did some mary: Gas Pumper, Flutter Kick, Merkins and 2 more that YHC could not remember.

Pray for Val’s M grandmother with the later stage of parkinson, Truman’s family situation, Sensei’s friend who’s looking of a new job.

Thanks for letting me lead and do some stupid things. It was nice to be back in the gloom with other HIM and finally meet Sensei & Truman who has been a regular at this AO. Until next time, SYITG

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