Greased Lightning

AO: Coliseum
When: 06/16/2021
Number of PAX: 9
PAX Names: simba, Bulldog, Radar, Smoked, gilligan, geo, YouTube, MC, Buoy
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Smoked

On this day, in 1978, Grease was released…. we shall celebrate. Also, Radar returns….

Mosey around the standard circle, with Simba and MC both coming in on two wheels. Circled up for some warm-ups

SSH (x15)
Imperial Walkers (x 15)
Moroccan Night Club (x 15)
Merkins (in cadence) (x 10)
10 Burpees OYO

Did this quickly and efficiently, now to mosey down to the green space for some real work.

With this being the anniversary of the Grease release, we used the Grease soundtrack as the tunes to accompany the beatdown, Bulldog was not amused…. Release date was 1978 so you'll see that theme emerge through Thang 1..

Thang 1: Bearmuda Triangles
Three "stations" w/ bear crawl in between each exercise and hold for the six… we probably put in .5 miles of bear crawls…
19 Squats, 7 American Hammers (alpha), 8 Merkins (2 rounds)
19 Donkey Kicks, 7 BBSU, 8 Carolina Dry Docks (2 rounds)
19 Bonnie Blairs, 7 Gas Pumpers, 8 Burpees (1 round)

Thang 2: Global Warming
Hold an Al Gore and shuffle to your "left" – Radar prescribed that one – and PAX calls out an exercise and we do 10 reps and then back to shuffle. I don't recall all the exercises completed but there were Merkins, and Lunges, and Burpees, oh my…

Thang 3: 7's
Mosey down to the bowl for a round of 7's using the stairs/ledges. Squats at the bottom and merkins at the top. Key was to move as fast as possible up and down the bowl – Simba brought the energy with some serious box jumps and accelerated all in attendance

Final Thang: Sally's Cousin
Was able to get away from the Grease soundtrack for a bit (to Bulldog's delight) and did a little "flower" by Moby. Instead of the merkin position, start in a downward squat position, and hold. Each time "bring Sally up" is sung, stand up, and then "bring Sally down", go back down to the squat position. Legs = fire.

Finally Bernie Sanders up the famed Coliseum hill back to the flag. Finished with a short Mary of flutter kicks (x 20 IC) and LBC's (x20 IC)

Prayers for travel and life's little inconveniences. May they make us stronger.

Thankful for these men who continue to accelerate one another and go through uncomfortable situations together in the gloom. May we bring our acceleration to our families, communities, and workplace throughout the week.

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