Birthday week part 3

AO: Bridge
When: 05/28/2021
Number of PAX: 8
PAX Names: DInghy, Wingnut, Birdie, Meatball, popper, Ready-Mix, Angus, Sugar
Number of FNGS: 8
FNG Names:
QIC: Birdie

Not sure, what was YHC thinking but this would be the 3rd Q for this week. Hopefully, YHC could still deliver some pain.

After a quick disclaimer we moseyed around the round about/water fountain (new Homer's donut?) and headed to the back of the theater for some Windmills, Weed picker, Imperial Walker, SSH & Moroccan Night club. Then we moseyed to the Veterans Monument. We circled up in plank position and reminded ourselves about the 5 core principles of F3: Free of Charge, Open to men of all ages & ability,  Held outdoor rain  or shine, Peer Lead & end in COT.

YHC prepared 10 scrolls and each scroll contained 3 different exercises and the number of reps were: 20 -run 1 lap – 10 – run 1 lap, waited for the six. We were only able to pick 5 scrolls before YHC call for time. Angus had the honored to pick the first scroll.
These were the exercises (see the picture ):
1st: Merkins, American Hammer – AC, Burpees
2nd: Lunges, Monkey Humpers, No Surrender (mumblechatter about moving to the grassy area )
3rd: Inch Worm, LBC, Plank Jack.
4th: Annie, Derkins, Bonnie Blair-AC
5th: Calf Raise, Diamond Merkins, BBS.

We have a few minutes left for MARY: V-ups & LBC.

Pray for safe travel, Angus's father MRI procedure and other PAX with health challenges. Praises for Meatball's son was able to pass of the math class (no summer school). Reminder about the CPR class on Lebanon Baptist Church in Roswell (Atlas AO) and the MURPH challenge on Memorial Day at this AO.

The verse from Proverbs 13:20 “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm” reminded me the HIM around me, keep me accountable not just physical but other areas of life. Thank you all and until next time, SYITG.

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