Different AO… Same F3 Workout Deck

AO: Coliseum
When: 05/28/2021
Number of PAX: 6
PAX Names: homer, simba, Radar, Smoked, geo, YouTube,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer

Decided to take 3 Qs this week. No real reason other than I wanted to get around and see folks. Birdie has had 3 Qs this week for his birthday. That's amazing work! Happy Birthday, Birdie!

Planning on heading the Yard tomorrow morning and see those guys. Love is Q tomorrow… can't wait.

As Simba came in on two wheels with 10 seconds left before we start, we moseyed across the street and around a concrete tree planter so that he could catch up to us. Did some SSH, Weedpicker and Moroccan Night Club. Mosey'd from there back across main street and over to Hwy 20. Hang a right and head down 20. Sure is dark on this side of the bowl… I'm looking for a hill that I've seen when driving. I wanted a hill. We found a hill, but two things were wrong at 5:34am, we have ZERO light on this hill, and that hill is steep and rocky. Two things we probably don't want to set up base at for what I had planned. I definitely didn't want anyone to fall going up and down it.

We kept straight at the top of the hill, and found the driveway next to the civic center (think that's what this building is) and there is a smallish hill here… but there's also light. Let's play cards.

We started off with a bear crawl up and a bear crawl down the hill.

I then introduced the F3 Workout Deck. Used it on Tuesday at the Meathouse. This one was going to be a little easier without 30lbs on my back. Still a good workout.

Round 1
25 Monkey Humpers
Sprint from the cones to the top of the street
25 Mountain Climbers
25 American Hammers (think we did Alpha count on this one)
Lunge Walk from cones to top of street
Joker (I believe Youtube called 10 Burpees)
Bear Crawl up and down the hill

Round 2
25 Plank Jacks
25 Freddy Mercury (Alpha Count)
— I think this is where we heard the train whistle. That means Q chooses qty Burpees. I chose 5
16 Wide Arm Merkins
25 Diamond Merkins
100 Flutter Kicks (Alpha count? In Cadence = 400…. let's just do 100)
25 Burpees (w/mumblechatter)
Bear Crawl Up and bear crawl down

Round 3
100 SSH
13 Chuck Norris Merkins
25 Dips (found a wall around corner to hit)
13 High Slow Flutter Kicks
15 Standing Lunges
17 Derkins
Bear Crawl Up and Down

Round 4
Sprint from cones to top of street
20 Rosalita
16 Jumping Lunge
19 Ranger Merkins
Feel like there are two missing
Bear Crawl up and down

We then searched the stack for the last two aces.
100 Arm Circles
100 Calf Raises

Praying for those traveling and out. Pray for Bulldog and we need to check in with him (I already did. He's doing well and will be back next week)

Good to come up to the Coliseum. Gonna need to put the Hall of Justice and CBluffs on my tour schedule soon.

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