Find Yourself an Animal and Go Run with Him

AO: Tracks
When: 05/27/2021
Number of PAX: 2
PAX Names: homer, Animal,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer

Radar put out an ask for someone to take his Q this morning, so I snatched it up. Was hoping for a crowd and had a nice plan set. As I rolled into the parking lot, I saw the Animal Mobile and figured he was out for a run. Soon, I saw the NOX lit Animal appear and knew that he'd just done more running than I probably will do all day.


As we got closer to 0530 and no other PAX arriving, I asked if he'd want to just go for a run. So the beatdown became a repeat loop for him and a donut dash distance for me. We ran down W Lawrenceville street to the Roundabout, Hung a left on McClure Bridge Road. Crossed over and turned right at Howell Springs Drive, took the sharp right (only real way to go) onto Howell Mead Drive, road continues as Miller Road, which becomes Irvindale Road and then we found ourselves back at the roundabout and the uphill to Hill Street.

As we approached the fountain area, Animal said I wouldn't get out of there without doing some Merkins… and as soon as he said that the train whistle blew which meant 5 burpees for each of us.


This was one of those mornings that I just enjoyed being with Animal. We didn't run the whole time, we talked a good bit. Talked about family. Talked about the Running AO that he's trying to birth in Gwinnett! Talked about Disney… talked about lots of things. It was good for the soul to grab some miles and talk about life. Go find yourself an Animal and force him to go run with you.

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