Blast from the Past

AO: Coliseum When: 07/16/2021 Number of PAX: 5 PAX Names: simba, Long Haul, YouTube, Retread, Blade (fng) Number of FNGS: 1 FNG Names: Blade QIC: YouTube Preamble: Checking the Q sheet YHC decided to sign up. YHC decided to do the beatdown from YHC's VQ. Upon arriving Long Haul, Retreat and Blade (fng) was already […]

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5 / 25 with B & N

AO: Hall of Justice When: 05/25/2021 Number of PAX: 6 PAX Names: val, Radar, YouTube, Sensei, Truman, T-Bone Number of FNGS: 2 FNG Names: Truman, Sensei QIC: YouTube Preamble: Driving down to Hall of Justice, YHC notice that the moon was rather large and had a reddish orange tint and was thinking how many PAX

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Stepping Up

AO: Coliseum When: 05/21/2021 Number of PAX: 4 PAX Names: Long Haul, geo, YouTube, MRE Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: YouTube Preamble: YHC saw on slack no one had signed up for Q for today, and had wanted to come this Friday. After reading of a few PAX not be able to come

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Staying “Dry”

AO: Coliseum When: 05/12/2021 Number of PAX: 5 PAX Names: simba, Bulldog, Smoked, geo, YouTube, Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: YouTube Preamble: Knowing it's going to be raining, YHC was thinking glad to be at the Coliseum where there's a parking deck. YHC rolled in first and no one was there. Geo came

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