Blast from the Past

AO: Coliseum
When: 07/16/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: simba, Long Haul, YouTube, Retread, Blade (fng)
Number of FNGS: 1
FNG Names: Blade
QIC: YouTube

Checking the Q sheet YHC decided to sign up. YHC decided to do the beatdown from YHC's VQ. Upon arriving Long Haul, Retreat and Blade (fng) was already waiting. FNG was someone Simba had EH'd the week before during our COT and he decided to join us.
Simba arrived promptly and after the normal disclaimer and explanation of F3, we moseyed up to the round about and back to the flag for a little warm up.

15x of:
Moroccan Night Club
Hill Billies
Weed Picker

Moseyed to the Coliseum for:
Burpees 5
Step Up 10
Merkins 15
Dips 20
LBC's 25
Squats 30

Moseyed around the pond and wait for the sixth. Rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds (add 5 each to exercises except for Burpees). In the middle of explaining the thang, heard the train so we did 10 burpees.

After the 3rd round decided to moseyed back to the green areas atop the coliseum for sevens (Lunges, and Burpees on the shorter end of the greens).

Pray for Long Haull and as he's planning to file for disability. For strength and comfort to Long Haul and M's as they navigate this process.

Waking up early is not easy and is always a challenge for YHC, but always glad to wake up and join the PAX for a good BD.

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