No Pain No Gain – Beating the Gloom

AO: hall-of-justice
When: 06/29/2021
Number of PAX: 2
PAX Names: YouTube, Sensei,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: YouTube

YHC had forgot, that YHC had signed up to Q today, that's until Val reminded on slack, who's HC? Still sluggish after a week a way, watched IRON PAX challenge for inspiration. After watching a couple of videos decided on the beat down for today. YHC forgot to check the weather, realized after checking there was a good chance of rain in the gloom. Thinking where to do the the BD, if it rain decided to stick with the plan and will modify if it actually rain.

Arrived at HoJu no PAX was there, but glad for no rain. Shortly, Sensei arrived shortly, and it was time to begin.

We moseyed around the stage and back toward the flag poles in front of HoJu and did the following:
Little Baby Arm Circle (front and back)
Weed Picker
Hill Billies

Moseyed to the back of HoJu toward the top of the field of dreams.

From 2020 Iron Pax Challenge (4 rounds)
50 – Squats
40 – BBSU
30 – Merkins
20 – Bonnie Blairs
10 – Burpees
Moseyed around the field of dreams.

YHC misread the time and realized that 45 minutes was up in the middle of the 4th round, so we moseyed back to the stage.

Prayer for good health for Sensei and family. Also pray for all the PAX who's are traveling for work or vacation.

Glad for Sensei to come in the gloom, in the uncertain weather. Wouldn't push my self had he not shown up.

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