The Dreaded Hill

AO: Yard
When: 06/05/2021
Number of PAX: 17
PAX Names: simba, bobbydodd, Bulldog, The Cheese, Quick Release, gilligan, Long Haul, Lector, Squeeky, Crack, Smooch, Love, Skidmark, Double Dribble
Number of FNGS: 3
FNG Names: Zoolander, Buoy, Crocs in Socks
QIC: Bulldog

Bobby Dodd led 6 men on a 3.24 mile pre-ruck through Lawrenceville and Jordan Rhodes park from 0600 to 0700 then made it back in time for a little greet and find 3 FNG's ready. 0700 rolled up and gave disclaimer.

10 Burpees, followed by holding a squat while we waited for Love rolling in hot. Lector then suggested Love do the 10 burpees but I didn't want us to miss out on another opportunity for Burpees so everyone got to do 10 more burpees. Felt warmed up after that so by 0704 we were off on adventure to a new hill, one that I found using Great site to plan a run especially when looking for a major hill to play on.

Mosey to "The new found hill" a 0.6 mile run up a long hill to get to the apex of the hill. Had opportunities to stop and beat down the pax while we waited on the six. Got to do some Derkins, Hip Slappers and Karaoke. Made it to the apex and then got to run down to the valley we would spend a lot of our time. Men partnered up and we began the Bear 1-2-3, 100 Burpees (modified to 50), 200 squats, 300 LBC's while your partner was completing a bear crawl and back of 5 parking spaces. Then transitioned into a "Catch me if you can". Partner 1 took off on a run up the dreaded hill while partner 2 did 5 burpees and then chased down his partner. Partner 1 then dropped and did 5 burpees while partner 2 kept running. Partner one then popped up from burpees and chased his partner down, repeated this around the block. Back at the bottom of the hill did 5 more burpees before doing the bernie sanders up the hill. Got to top and then ran back down to collect water bottle and then again back up. Running short on time we mosey back to the parking lot stopping to complete some SSH and dips. Ran into Simba and Skidmark who showed up at 0704 and watched us run off in the distance to not see us again till we returned 50 minutes late. Simba took the Q between him and Skidmark, a remark from Skidmark "Anything the light touches, you will use to torture me". Finished up with a complete circle of Mary. Everyone got a turn to cause some additional pain. Everyone was exhausted. Named the FNG's and then COT.

Lector's wife's results were benign. Praise God. The Cheese has a new job opportunity, Long Haul's friend is having surgery and praying for a healthy recovery, Simba and Camp All American that God's hand will move among the campers.

With the pre-ruck and beatdown, it was 2 hours of beatdown. My watch showed 6 miles total and 1,388 calories burned. After that beatdown we had 8 men go to Panera at Mall of GA for some breakfast and Fellowship. We had Smoked join us who couldn't make the morning's beatdown.

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