Dropping BOMBS

AO: Coliseum
When: 06/07/2021
Number of PAX: 7
PAX Names: val, simba, Bulldog, gilligan, Long Haul, Sensei,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Smoked

YHC threw out onto Slack to bring a ruck, no idea how I was gonna have em use it but that didn't matter. Went to Exicon and searched "ruck". Immediately found something that sounded pretty "sucky". Would be the perfect setting for a Monday ITG. Also offered to bring a couple of extra rucks. I don't own alot of weights but I have enough charcoal in my garage to sink a ship. Loaded up two extra book bags with 20lb. bags of charcoal each and a towel, they would be needed.

Quick mosey down to the green space with rucks, drop the rucks and mosey two laps round the green space + the stairs. Circle up and jump into a few quick warm-ups:
SSH (x15), Weed Pickers (x15), Moroccan Night Clubs (x15), Imperial Walkers (x15)

Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS:

Split PAX into pairs (we had an uneven number today so two teams of two and one team of three).
PAX #1 puts on a ruck and starts going up and down the stairs in the Sugar Bowl while PAX #2 starts to do the first exercise on the list and then chases down PAX #1 and switch.
50 burpees (5 each)
100 Big O's (changed from the Outlaws) (10 each)
150 Merkins (15 each)
200 BBSU (20 each)
250 Squats (25 each)

Simba and YHC treated this more like a game of running away from one another, some other more efficient PAX treated it like a Dora which was a smart move, and will follow that direction when we do this again (and we will). All in each PAX completed 50% of the reps listed here and also likely rucked about 1+miles up and down the stairs of the Sugar Bowl, a strong showing by all.

Also, today (June 7) is Prince's birthday so the BOMBS were accompanied by an excellent Prince station on Pandora… very fitting. We finished The Thang right on time and moseyed up to the flag with a careful Bernie Sanders up the hill to finish.

Prayers for Val's first big business trip post-covid and for Sensei to continue to guide is family effectively. Long-Hauls enthusiasm and energy continues to keep us all pushing ourselves furthers. Praise to Bulldog for a great second F to kick off the weekend.


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