No plan, just pain!

AO: Meathouse
When: 06/08/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: Meatball, popper, Ready-Mix,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Wingnut

With uncle boomer out of town and nobody jumping on the Q (cough, the Q sheet is looking a little sparse, cough cough) YHC decided to lead whoever may feel so destined to suffer. The disclaimer was stated in advance: no plan, just pain. YHC had a few ideas but figured we would get started at 0530 and see where we ended 45 minutes later.

Rucks and coupons on the ground. We did a short mosey lap followed by some SSH, windmills (weedpickers if you are Ready-Mix), hillbillies, imperial walkers, right leg over left and vice versa straight leg stretch, little baby arm circles and big arm circles.

We threw on our rucks, grabbed our coupons and made our way to the town green.

10 coupon swings
10 curls
10 coupon squats
10 merkins on the coupon

mosey the lap with coupon

R&R with 15 of each but mosey the lap without the coupon and this time we stopped for some pullups and dips
R&R with 20 of each and the same lap
mosey to parking deck with ruck and coupon for the next pain station

Ascend the stairs with coupon and leave it at the top
Descend and do 20 air squats
Ascend and retrieve coupon
Descend and do 20 air squats
Ascend with coupon and halt

Quick 10 count and then on to the next pain station
Partner A holds a plank
Partner B farmers carry teams 2 coupons to a waypoint called out by YHC and then partner B returns without the coupon
Partner A retrieves the coupon while Partner B holds a plank

We did 3 rounds of this
Moving over to our final pain station which was conveniently back at the flag
10 floor presses with coupon
10 single arm bent over rows per side
10 wall step ups with or without extra credit
R&R but making floor presses 20 and everything else 10
R&R but making floor presses 30 and everything else 10

Finished with about 5 minutes of Mary

Praise for my wife who has connected with her biological mother and continues to nurture the relationship.
Prayers for those that are going through some challenging times and dealing with other issues out of their control.
Prayers for Ready-Mix's co-worker and her family as they navigate some very challenging decisions.

Always a pleasure to get out there and grind with some like-minded men. We all push each other to be better day in and day out. Keep up the good work and fight the good fight!

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