Huff and Puff’n

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 04/27/2021
Number of PAX: 6
PAX Names: val, Magnolia, Smoked, Birdie, PuffDaddy, YouTube
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: PuffDaddy

Mosey, Butt~kickers, high knees., shuffle left and right, SSH, weed pickers, Moroccan night club.

Thang 1
Dora with coupons. We gathered in front of the stage and partnered up. Partner count was 100 merkins, 200 coupon curls, 300 goblet squats. The other partner ran around the stonewall and behind the stage. Train 1 for 10 burpees.
Thang 2: Catch me if you can
We continued in partner mode, 1 partner Farmer Carries both coupons around the small loop in front of the stage while the other partners drops for 3 burpees then runs to catch the other to switch. 2nd lap same except 5 merkins. Train 2 for 10 more burpees.
Thang 3 Attack the Stage.
This is something I did in my 1st Q. Started off up the hill and did 1 CH squat/ 4 lunges per set. We added a set until we got to 10 CHS 40 lunges.
Finished with a few minutes of Mary. Gas pumpers, Dollies, J-Lo, Merkins, box cutters.

Prayers for teachers and students as they get in the final weeks of school. This has been a taxing year with COVID protocols.

Mental health check in. Just a reminder that people are taxed mentally from COVID. Check in on friends and family that might be dealing with COVID blues or depression.

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