The Magical Mystery Tour

AO: Yard
When: 04/27/2021
Number of PAX: 6
PAX Names: bobbydodd, Lector, Squeeky, Coconut, Crack, Dawn
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Bobby Dodd

Plank Jacks
Side Straddle Hops
Mountain Climbers
~Mosey to the brick circle across the street~

Bear Crawl around the circle to the opposite side, perform 5 burpees
Bear Crawl around again to the original position, perform 5 burpees
~Mosey to the low wall at the west end of the park~
Partner Up...1 Pax sprints to the traffic light & Bernie Sanders back while 2nd Pax performs following
...Dead-Stop Merkin to Superman (x2 heats)
...Box Jumps (x2 heats)
...Derkins (x2 heats)
~Mosey to the long wall in the Soeesbees parking lot~
People's Chair along the wall for as long as Pax give out, Slurpees (Slow Burpees) are performed until last Pax quits
Balls to the Wall along the wall for as long as Pax give out, Slurpees (Slow Burpees) are performed until last Pax quits
~Mosey back across the street and to the urine fountain that will hopefully be working again some's time for Mary!~
...Sweat Angels; Gas Pumpers; Low Plank; Rosalita; Low Plank
~Mosey long way around the park, alternating between standard Mosey and Bernie Sanders Mosey~
End with Ring of Fire
...Each Pax calls their ab exercise of choice whilst Moseying two laps around the complaining Pax performing the work

Prayers for Pax Dawn...he recently moved to Lilburn and has been away from F3 for awhile...welcome back and the Yard is looking forward to being your F3 home base!
Crack's M injured her back while carrying counter tops on his behalf...prayers for M and his getting released from the dog house one of these days...
Lector's car is getting picked up from the body shop...praise this months long ordeal is nearing an end.
All Pax were reminded to register on the new F3Gwinnett website!

Today was a lot of fun...I haven't been Q in quite some time and I thoroughly enjoyed Coconut's complaining about the running! It's an exciting time to be posting in Lawrenceville, as we're a part of the new Gwinnett region. Creating new AOs in underserved areas of Gwinnett is right around the corner! Grayson, Snellville, Stone Mountain, Lilburn...

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