Can’t find the Q…only if we had Radar???

AO: Coliseum
When: 05/10/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: simba, Bulldog, gilligan, geo,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Bulldog

Rolled up on the gloom finding 2 Pax in waiting. Time to start with….who's Q'ing today, only if we had Radar, he could find who was suppose to Q, right? Anyways, I knew it wasn't one of us. Decided to take Q and we went for a mosey. After the mosey we had one more join the ranks, but it still wasn't Radar so still couldn't find who was suppose to Q this morning.

Arm Circles forward and backwards
Overhead Claps
Weed Pickers

We all lead together, taking turns calling out exercises. We had all sorts of exercises and I don't think a single one was repeated…except for Burpees, some jerk kept calling out 10 Burpees! Anyways way to many different exercise to try and call out here but all the men pushed hard and got stronger and better as men…except for our mysterious Q who fart sacked the morning, we are still debating if he got any stronger?

Simba – praise for his family and work life/balance is going good
Gilligan – pray for Long Haul, we missed him this morning and hope he is doing well
Bulldog – further medical testing this week, praying for good news.

It's always a great start to the day in the gloom with other men pushing each other to be better. No matter what happens the rest of the day I know we have conquered the fart sack, conquered laziness and apathy, have the prayers and support of the men in this community. Keep pushing and keep investing in each other's lives and the men you are trying to get to post with you.

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