Oooohhh It Burns

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 05/11/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: Magnolia, Radar, Smoked, YouTube,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Val

Yesterday, as YHC was sitting with M, I spilled my hot coffee all over my abdomen. After repeatedly applying a cold-compress to the area, it was determined by YHC that cause was my fat belly. So a preblast was written that read, “I spilled scolding hot coffee on my belly this morning. Preblast over.”

As YHC drove up listening to the Pick Up the Six podcast episode with Eric Maddox, the interrogator responsible for locating Saddam Hussein, I saw YouTube stretching at the rally point. Getting the flag out of the trunk, YHC walked up, planted the shovel flag and mumblechatter ensued. Smoked was quick to follow YHC, followed by Radar who was making excuses for missing his Q at Coliseum yesterday. YHC gave the mission, credo, 5 core principles, and disclaimer and we were off.

A long mosey to start with alligator merkins started some of the grunting. More mosey to SSH. Sprinting in from the parking lot was Magnolia. Better late than never! More mosey. Got lost – some thought YHC was trying to paint a picture on Strava, but that was not it, just really forgot where to go. Made it down to the bullfrog abyss for Thang 1.

Thang 1 was a simple partner Catch Me If You Can with Coupons. Partner 1 would backpedal with a coupon. Partner 2 would perform 10 coupon exercises then run to catch Partner 1 and switch.
Lap 1 – Overhead Presses
Lap 2 – Coupon Squats
Lap 3 – Coupon Curls
Plank for the six.
It is funny how confusing this can be when you are doing it. Trying to remember whether you are running, backpedaling, or performing the exercise is challenging at 5:45 in the morning. Radar, YouTube, and YHC had much difficulty figuring this out. Smoked and Magnolia seemed to have little to no issue.

Six is in. We moseyed to the top of the steps and started an Indian Run to the stage. Once at the stage, we moseyed single file across Buford Hwy, behind the Suwanee Police Station, under the railroad tracks through the tunnel, and to the Gwinnett County Public Library Suwanee Branch’s parking lot.

Thang 2 was a simple 11s workout with merkins at the start and Bonnie Blairs at the other end.
1 merkin, 10 Bonnie Blairs
2 merkins, 9 Bonnie Blairs, etc.
Plank for the six.
It should be noted that Magnolia left YHC and the rest of the PAX in his dust. This dude has really accelerated since he started and it will be exciting to see him continue that through the summer as he leads his summer camp staff in beatdowns.

Six is in. We moseyed back to the stage for some extended Mary.

After moseying for around 2.5 miles with various aerobic activity, all PAX were audibly gassed. So YHC thought it would be a good idea to start MOM with an Absolution. At about the 5 count, all PAX were cursing YHC when the pitch of the count did not go up. At 8 YHC heard “come on Val” surely out of appreciation. We finished at 10, but we were not finished with Mary. Around the horn with some Freddie Mercuries, Box Cutters, Dollys, Gas Pumpers, LBCs, American Hammers, and at the last minute, YHC called Balls to the Walls.

The purpose of the preblast was that YHC needs to accelerate in the King and Queen. This was a good start.

Fun was had by all.

Prayers for Radar with little league activities, for Smoked with travel and good sailing weather, and for kids with end of year activities and testing. Praise from YouTube for several friends getting baptized, YHC for both daughters accepting rejection from team sports.

This morning, Smoked said something that we all know to be true, but he had the courage to say it. “Every time I miss one of these beatdowns, I feel like I missed something and every time I come to one of these beatdowns, I am never regretting that I came.” Such truth. We don’t push ourselves. We push each other. You come for the fitness, stay for the fellowship, and your faith grows as a result.

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