The Dreaded Hill

AO: Yard When: 06/05/2021 Number of PAX: 17 PAX Names: simba, bobbydodd, Bulldog, The Cheese, Quick Release, gilligan, Long Haul, Lector, Squeeky, Crack, Smooch, Love, Skidmark, Double Dribble Number of FNGS: 3 FNG Names: Zoolander, Buoy, Crocs in Socks QIC: Bulldog Preamble: Bobby Dodd led 6 men on a 3.24 mile pre-ruck through Lawrenceville and […]

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Bulldog Birthday Beatdown

AO: Coliseum When: 05/07/2021 Number of PAX: 4 PAX Names: simba, Bulldog, Radar, Long Haul, Number of FNGS: 0 FNG Names: QIC: Bulldog Preamble: 4 Men posted for a 40th birthday beatdown, gave the disclaimer and moved into warm-o-rama. WARM-O-RAMA Still sore from Simba's mini murph so lets workout some of that pain before we

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