Tha Argument Workout

AO: Yard
When: 06/17/2021
Number of PAX: 7
PAX Names: bobbydodd, Bulldog, Lector, Squeeky, Coconut, Rabbit, Love,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Coconut vs Lector

The argument arose bc two pax elected to be Q on different sheet schedules. We chose to conduct the workout as a back and forth argument of exercises.

Coconut started with a mosey with burpees. Lector followed with imperial walkers. Coconut replied with the only exercise that Lector is good at, little baby arm circles. Lector followed with 21’s with sships and burpees as the penalty. It is suspected that Bulldog screwed up the timing on purpose so we all had to di burpees.

Coconut started with the famous and popular node workout with merkins and American hammers. Each node increases reps by 5 with seven nodes. Pax was overjoyed. Lector followed with alternating balls to the wall and peoples chair as each of us ran around the stage much to the chagrin of the Pax. Coconut followed with a short mosey to the coupon storage area for curls overhead presses and man makers. Pax was thrilled.
Lector followed with the unpopular kettle bell swing murder bunnies to a line with boo boo bear crawl dragging coupon with your foot on the way back. We put up out coupons following that mess for the much anticipated Danger Zone ab session. Yes you heard it. 7 minutes of crunches, leg raises and American hammers. The pax was overjoyed. This was followed with a ring of fire. I might add that all of Lector’s exercises were done to the miserable sounds of 90’s kids rock.

some praises and prayers

No idea what this means.

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