Station BD

AO: Yard
When: 06/12/2021
Number of PAX: 14
PAX Names: ,
Number of FNGS: 1
FNG Names:
QIC: Crack


A mosey across the street firs stop 10 merkins second stop 10 big boy sit-ups third station were 10 leg swings on each side. This was to get to the location of the cinder blocks at the Clothing Mission. Finished up with carrying the blocks to the yard for the thang.

The Thang, 6 stations spaced 50 yards apart each station marker had two exercises listed.
Station 1 lunges and side straddle
Station 2 crunches and block rowes
Station 3 frog squat and jump claps
Station 4 merkins and flutter kicks
Station 5 block presses on your back and crunches
Station 6 plank ups and heal taps

At the whistle starts the 1 minute clock to complete the first exercise. Then to advance to the next station 15 presses with your block and 15 squats with your block. Complete all 6 stations and move to round two.
Complete the excercise at your station and to advance to the next station do 3 blockies and 10 merkins.

Now comes the Krav Maga
Partnered up and did a Krav hold on your partner that’s holding the bag and knee striking your partner 50 feet
Switch and returne the 50 feet
With your partner holding the bag jab cross your partner the 50 feet switch and repeat.

The pain tap out
Holding your 40 lb block horizontal when you tap out you do merkins

On your 6 hold 6” legs out when you tap out do sit-ups



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