Meathouse and a side of Playing Cards (Lots of Merkins)

AO: Meathouse
When: 05/25/2021
Number of PAX: 7
PAX Names: homer, Wingnut, Saint2O, BallBoy, Meatball, Boomer, popper,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer


No FNGs or even relatively new guys at the Meathouse this morning. These are all veterans who know themselves. Leave your coupon and let's mosey into Town Green, past stage, around theatre and back. Mumblechatter heard from behind… something about Meathouse supposedly being a 0.0 run AO.

Squats, Little Baby Arm Circles, Chinooks

Grab your coupon and head past the Pizza place to the parking lot beside the dumpster.

YHC got a new deck of playing cards. It's the F3Nation Workout Deck. Don't think we've seen these at the Meathouse. Not real sure what we'll encounter nor how we'll use our coupons, but figured I'd have a plan for that too.

Went around in a circle. Each PAX picking a card. Do the Reps (modify if needed) and then we'd do some curls and overhead presses after all 7 pax picked a card and exercises completed. We made it three rounds (with only a couple discards and a single 'hell no' from one PAX as he discarded.)

Wearing weight vests and use coupons if needed.

In no particular order:
13 Chuck Noris Merkins
17 Derkins
13 Wojo Squats
Karaoke to end of lot and back
25 Merkins
25 Burpees
18 Backward Lunges
200m Sprint (ended up being mosey around the lot)
90s High Plank
Luge (skip)
14 Alternating Side Squats
12 hand clap merkin (ended up doing hand release merkins with one attempt at hand clap at end)
19 High knee
14 carolina dry dock
20 butt kick
16 wide arm merkins
19 ranger merkins
25 smurf jacks
25 freddie mercury
18 squat thrust
100 ssh (took weight off for this one)
Diamond Merkin (hell no)
100 Calf raise
60s Low plank
14 heels to heaven
10 Rosalita
25 dips
lunge walk around parking lot

I may have missed one or 2, and wasn't sure how the deck would work at the Meathouse, but think it ended up a win. LOTS of Merkins!

Prayers for PAX from the past and those we haven't found yet.


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