Magic 8 Ball says

AO: Yard
When: 07/08/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: bobbydodd, gilligan, Lector, Coconut,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Coconut

Wanted to do a workout guided only by the Magic 8 Ball. If it was too difficult or too easy I could just blame the 8 ball

Short mosey, side straddle hops, imperial walkers, little baby arm circles(Lector’s favorite) and ended with thru the tunnel. Now for the fun

Twenty possible predictions matched to twenty exercises. Burpees, merkins, derkins, spiderman merkins, squats, jump squats, monkey humpers, mtn climbers, ss hops, plank jacks, crunches, American hammers, leg raises, flutter kicks,curls, overhead press, lap around park burpees twice.
Took turns shaking magic 8 ball and had to do what it said. No questioning the wisdom of the magic 8 Ball. Apparently the odds seem to fall on burpees, merkins, and running laps. Surprisingly hard workout. Almost as if the app I used was preprogrammed. ( I had to use an app because I couldn’t read the tiny writing on the real 8 ball). Is it me or is everything written getting smaller?
Pax wanted to end early so we asked the Magic 8 Ball for guidance. “My reply is No’. So we did a circle of 8 ball. Bobby dodd thought it would be funny to end on ten burpees. Ha ha what a card.
Asked the 8 ball again if we could quit. Was surprisingly anxious to get the reply (theoretically we could have been there for hours). Thankfully we got a yes.

Mostly praises.

Asked the Magic 8 ball what this means. Got back, “reply hazy, try again”.

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