Four Corners and a Coupon

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 07/06/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: Smoked, YouTube, Truman, Sugar
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Smoked

Picked up Q at Hall of Justice (my first here) with Val out of town for a funeral. Excited to Q at a new location and make sure to work out some of the cobwebs (and lbs) I picked up over the long 4th of July holiday.

Mosey around the park, circle up under the lamp post for SSH (x10), Weed picker (x10), Moroccan Night Club's (x10), and in cadence Merkins (x10). Pretty warm so mosey back to the stage for the Thang.

Pulled out some four corners work, each corner increasing by 10's for a 10, 20, 30, and 40 count and then back to hold for the six

Round 1: Bonnie Blairs (alpha count), American Hammers, Squats, LBC's
Round 2: Carolina Dry Docks, American Hammers, Merkins, LBC's
Round 3: Star Jumps, Gas Pumpers, Bobby Hurley's, Flutter Kicks

I know there was another round in there but YHC can't recall the exercises, a good four corners to get us started. Now mosey across Buford Hwy and under the tunnel to find a coupon and meet in the library parking lot

With coupon 10 curls, rifle carry to center of lot, 10 overhead press, rifle carry to end, 10 skull crushers, and repeat back to the curls, rifle carry the whole way. Repeat again but increase reps to 20 and do 5 burpees OYO at the end of each set. Mosey back to return the coupons and then Indian run back to the stage.

Quick Mary on the stage + our 10 burpee penalty for the train that passed during the Indian Run. Mary consisted of Box Cutters, Dolly, and YouTube rounded us out with an exercise that YHC truly can't recall. Fun was had by all.

Prayers/Praise as Truman works to re-unite with his children and advance those relationships. Continue prayers for health for those still battling Covid and other illness.

Great to Q at a new location and meet new PAX (Sugar in this case). Excited about the advancement happening in Gwinnett and my personal advancement this week in F3 with a Q in a new location (Hall of Justice), a BD at NLB on Weds, and the big Saturday BD/dinner (brining those meats!) at NLB this week as well. Should be an exciting F3 week. Addiction and it's impact on people has had a big impact on my life and my family over time so to give back to that community is something I am excited to be able to do but will also open up some wounds from my past…

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