Blocks and Burpees

AO: Coliseum
When: 07/07/2021
Number of PAX: 8
PAX Names: Bulldog, gilligan, Long Haul, geo, Mayhem, MC, TBone
Number of FNGS: 1
FNG Names: Retread
QIC: Bulldog

After a double time ruck with Bobby Dobb my knees have been killing me, so decided to take it easy on the knees today.

Well, slept through my alarm but thankfully woke up when the second alarm went off, so pulled in watching Geo lead the guys on a mosey. Caught up and apologized just in time to hear the train. 5 burpees for the train instead of 10 since we would be doing plenty of Burpees.

Partner up. Partner A does designated core exercises while partner B does thruster with block, then rifle carries block to flag poles, then does 10 of designated arm exercises, then rifle carries block back to partner A and swaps.

Big Boy Situps/Alpos
Side Crunches/Skull Crushers
Box Cutters/Curls
…may have been more that I forgot.

Put blocks away to start the burpee part of the exercise. 10 minutes of Burpees was the goal but we only got to 7 minutes. Basically 10 Burpees on the minute for 7 minutes…so a total of 70 Burpees in 7 minutes.

Round of Mary and named our new FNG…welcome Retread!

Prayers for Retread.


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