Iron Pax Challenge (credit to Greenwood F3)

AO: Coliseum
When: 06/09/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: bobbydodd, Bulldog, Smoked, geo, YouTube,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Bulldog

F3 Greenwood does an Iron Pax Challenge and this was one of their challenges back in 2019.

Little Baby Arm Circles, Weed Pickers, and some other stuff I forgot. Mosey

50 Squats
40 LBCs
30 Merkins
20 Bonnie Blairs
10 Burpees

Run around the lake

Rinse and repeat for a total of 30 minutes.

1st round started off good and with some vigor but after each round it just got tougher and tougher. Exhausted by the final fifth round I believe.

Prayer for Youtube's wife and his family as they navigate their miscarriage.
Prayer for Geo's wife as she travels.

Great to see everyone today. Making my rounds to a bunch of AO's this week and Q'ing. I want to encourage everyone to get out and visit other AO's to meet new people and learn new exercises. I believe going to other AO's also gives the site Q a breath of fresh air with new Q's. So go, travel the county, meet new people, learn new exercises, and get plugged into the other great AO's.

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