Johnny Cash

AO: Tracks
When: 06/10/2021
Number of PAX: 2
PAX Names: Bulldog, Truman,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Bulldog

This was my second time out at the Tracks…first time it wasn't an official AO yet so it was good to be there again. Really a great AO!

Johnny Cash doesn't need an introduction and we don't need a warm up!

Exercise just keep repeat designated exercise for the length of the song, which is give in each description

Rusty Cage – 2:43 – Warm up Run shake off the rust.

Man in Black – 2:45, sad song about the world…so lets join in the somber…everybody hates burpees and bear crawls

Jackson 2:38 – Low country – Hillbilly’s

Sunday Morning Coming 4:30 – no way to hold my head that didn’t hurt…don’t let your head hit the ground…Carolina Dry Docks and LBC’s

Ring of Fire – Circle up, Hold a squat, 5 squats, and keep it moving around the circle 2:36

Hurt – Flutter Kicks until it hurts to much, then dips till it hurts to much 3:37

Cry, Cry, Cry – Air Presses, just pushing air. 2:24

I Walk the Line – Crab Walk, Bear Crawl and lunge walk a set distance 2:42

Folsom Prison – Prison Cell Hand Release Burpees 2:47

Boy Named Sue – if your name is sue you'll have to learn to fight, Mike Tyson’s and Rocky Balboa’s 3:46

One piece at a time – about a minute and half of exercises…arms (merkins), legs (lunges), abs (Big Boy Sit Ups). 4:02

Truman – Praying for Truman and his family. Praying for restoration. He is also starting a new project so he will not be able to join us as often.
Bulldog – Pray for my M's uncle. He has stage 4 Lymphoma and diagnosis does not look good.

I got to workout with Truman twice this week. He is turning 70 very soon and is out there doing Burpees and Bearcrawls with me. Amazing! What an inspiration he is! Men, I want to encourage you to stay committed to each other and posting, because you don't know who needs your encouraging word, or when someone like Truman will walk into F3 (he has posted I think 4 or 5 times now), encourage you, and then as fast as he came in he is moving on, not because he wants to, but because his schedule has changed. He left a mark on me, so I encourage you to be marked and to be the person that leaves a mark on someone else's journey.

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