F3 Olympics

AO: Yard
When: 07/29/2021
Number of PAX: 3
PAX Names: Squeeky, Coconut, Love,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Coconut

Track and field events start today in Tokyo, so it is fitting that we have an F3 Olympics

We started with a short mosey to the stadium where the events were to be held. Then went right into the workout either because i wanted to make sure we had enough time or i forgot about the warm up. You pick.

The events were as follows: discus throw, shot put, hammer throw, javalin. In order to compete in each event, a payment of five burpees was paid. Pax did lbc’s, crunches, American hammers and freddie mercuries while participants competed.
Although i tipped the scales in my favor, i was only able to win the javalin throw. Each event winner got to watch the losers do burpees.
Final event was the Burpee mile. 5 burpees at every node around the lawn. Total 35 burpees. Squeeky started out fast but faded in the end. Love and Coconut battled to the end for a photo finish. Lots of burpees for the F3 olympics.

Prayers for all. Lector is probably crying somewhere

This naked bit of skin from a mole is dedicated to Lector who could not attend.

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