Seeking Higher Ground

AO: Meathouse
When: 07/27/2021
Number of PAX: 3
PAX Names: Wingnut, BallBoy, Ready-Mix,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Ready-Mix

With all this humidity, the meathouse gang sought 'higher ground', at least hoping that working out on top of the PTC bridge would allow some moving air to help with the humidity (hint, don't think it helped at all).

Quick warm up at the Flag, included SSH, Copper-Head Squats, crowd favorite Kevin Willis', and Windmills.
Then, Slow mosey with loaded Rucks and carrying coupons over to the base of the Bridge, stopping three times for some quick 10x count reps of Curls, Squats, and OH Presses – just to get the sweat beads going.

With a small PAX of three, we did a set of three activities: 1 man with AMRAP Ruck-weighted Merkins, 1 man with AMRAP Coupon-weighted Squats, and 1 man running the length of the Bridge with Ruck/Coupon and doing 10x curls, then back. Then rotate. Total of 18 rounds of this (6 full cycles). Oh, and sweat our hind-parts off.

Thang Part Deux: 11's with Kettle Bell Swings up top and weighted Star-Jumps down stairs (going up and down stairs between).

Mosey back to flag, and prayers for the following: Ready-Mix's new hire has a 1 year old daughter facing possible cancer growth on her arm, prayers for their whole family in the face of worry (more details to be known in the next week), Wing-Nut's young kids facing a variety ear-aches and other maladies, also prayed for Ball-Boy's oldest son starting college in Chapel Hill next month.


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