AO: Coliseum
When: 06/02/2021
Number of PAX: 3
PAX Names: Bulldog, Smoked, geo,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Smoked

Looking for a little theme for the day YHC found it was National Rotisserie Chicken, "Bubba", and Rocky Road Day. Nothing that really struck my fancy…. so just putting in work would be the theme for the day…

Standard mosey…. wait before we can even get started we are visited by the strangest sounding train, nonetheless 10 burpees for each PAX as part of the Old Town Pain Train… and continue our mosey up the road and around the circle. Meet back up under the flag for the following:

Imperial Walkers (x15), Moroccan Night Clubs (x15), Copperhead Squat (x15), SSH (x15).

Grab the DeWALT radio and mosey down the green space (still need an official name for this…..)

Started with a four corners, would focus on high reps get the heart rate up….

Round 1 – SSH, American Hammers (alpha count), Bobby Hurleys (the most un-assuming exercise in history), Crunchy Frogs – 25 reps each

Round 2 – Same exercises – increase reps to 50 each and add bear crawls to the travel on the short side of the rectangle

Round 3 – Same exercises – same reps (50 each) + bear crawls on the shorts + add 3 burpees on each the mosey sides

Grab a 2 min wall sit and jump into the next…..

Roxanne –
Turn on the favorite hit by the Police, merkin on every "Roxanne" and plank jack on every "turn on the red light". This is much more difficult in practice than it sounds on paper…. mumblechatter ensues…

Did two laps around the green space as a little cool down after that 3 min battering….

7 minutes left – so we are revisited by Captain Thor to close things out – seemed fitting on the ab focused high rep theme that has captured the BD. 1:4 ration of BBSU to American Hammers ending with a 10:40. We made it the full way through ending promptly at 6:15. Mosey up the flag for the COT.

Prayers and praises for Bulldogs health and positive test reports. Sounds like he had a well deserved vacation in St Simons as well. Prayers and praises as we go through this crazy thing called life and its ups and down. Continued prayers for safety as people travel more but praises for the ability to spend more face-to-face time with others, which is so desperately needed in this world right now. May we continue to all bring our energy, enthusiasm and leadership to our relationships, workplace, families, and community.


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