Defeating the Backfat

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 06/01/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: val, YouTube, Sensei, Truman,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Val

The Steve went off this morning at 0505 and YHC could feel the effects of yesterday's Murph at the Bridge. It was an incredible CSAUP and the 2ndF was off the charts. Nevertheless, YHC was disappointed in my performance on the pull ups, so something had to be done. Even though soreness radiated through my upper body, it was determined that an all out assault on the back and shoulders would ensue this morning.

Leaving the house with a carafe of coffee, YHC stopped a few houses down to pick up one of last week's FNGs named Sensei and we were off. Pulling up, YouTube was seen rotating his arms to stretch out. A bit of mumblechatter, 5 core principles, disclaimer, and we were off.

Moseying around the green, we slowed the pace for high knees and butt kickers and back to a full mosey. We stopped for some Little Baby Arm Circles forward and backward, then moseyed back when that old familiar sound could be heard heading toward us. The Old Town Pain Train. We moseyed to the fountain, paid the 10 burpee tax, and moseyed back to the flag.

For our first part of the Thang, YHC grabbed the ruck full-o-bricks and we moseyed across Buford Hwy, through the tunnel under the train tracks, to the library parking lot where we would do 4 corners with bricks.

Thang 1: 4 Corners – Perform an exercise at each corner starting with 5 reps, increasing by 5 at each corner and Cusacking to the next corner.
Corner 1: Curls
Corner 2: Shoulder Press
Corner 3: Scull Crushers
Corner 4: Straight Out Dead Lift
We went 3 rounds and finished with 70 Dead Lifts. All had sore arms.

We then performed an Indian Run passing the ruck to the back of the line where the PAX in the back would run the ruck back to the front and repeato until back at the stage. While explaining the exercise, Animal graced us with his presence before having an unexpected fall into a hole that would provide a timely reminder to always have commz and ID with you if working OYO.

Thang 2: 11's Starting at the stage and running to the Humpty Dumpty wall.
Exercise 1: Balls to the Wall Shoulder Press
Exercise 2: Dips
During the ladder part of our 11's, the 2nd of last week's FNGs, Truman joined us after trying to locate us while running. He was a welcomed addition.

We finished up with some Mary doing Box Cutters, Dying Cockroaches, Merkins, Freddie Mercuries, and LBCs. YHC thought we would walk away without any Merkins, but YouTube put the Cabash on that.

Prayers for YouTube announcing his M's pregnancy!!! Prayers for Sensei's family health, Truman's family challenges, and YHC's youngest daughter at church camp this week.

YHC brought TNT during Coffeeteria this morning reminding us that men need to through adversity with other men and that creates a bond that causes us to protect and serve one another. That bond is called love. The Hobbit trilogy was used for illustrative purposes.

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