Solomente’s Revenge

AO: Bluffs
When: 06/25/2021
Number of PAX: 8
PAX Names: val, bobbydodd, Favre, Bulldog, GingerAle, MC, Double Fault, Toes,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Val

En route to the Bluffs, YHC passed North Gwinnett High School where they are replacing the turf on the football field. There was no sign of green on the field. It was all dirt. It made me think of the transformation the men at the Bluffs were undergoing. The gloom was calling and the PAX were responding. Soon, the fruit of their labor would be made evident.

After providing the F3 mission, core principles, disclaimer, and creedo, we started with a mosey as a car was pulling in. Based on the lack of engine noise, YHC had a good idea that Ginger Ale was about to make his presence known, and sure enough, there he was. We kept moving transitioning into high knees and butt kickers and circled up next to the building to do weed pickers, little baby arm circles, and windmills. We then sprinted back to the shovel flag for the Thang.

YHC had set up the Board of Pain –Pair up and each PAX complete half of the reps of each exercise and 6 laps around the flag pole island.

100 Merkins
100 LBCs
100 Moroccan Nightclubs
100 Squats
100 Mountain Climbers
100 Plank Jacks
100 Lunges
100 Overhead Claps
100 Dips
100 Leg Scissors
100 Stepups
100 Am. Hammers
100 Shoulder Touches
100 High Knees
100 SSH

Lifted up prayers and discussed Q 2.6 Correction. Preached what I practice. Urged the PAX to get on Slack.

I love getting back to the Bluffs. I was EH’d by MC and Double Fault and named there. This AO has a special place in my heart. It is my hearts desire to see these men accelerate in all 3 Fs. I think I’ll be headed up there a bit more frequently.

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