IronPax 2020 Week 3 Flashback – Keep It Simple Stupid

AO: Bridge
When: 05/22/2021
Number of PAX: 8
PAX Names: homer, DInghy, Wingnut, BallBoy, Meatball, popper, Ready-Mix, Angus, 8
Number of FNGS: 1
FNG Names: Angus
QIC: Homer

Went through the 5 core values for F3 and did standard disclaimer. With an FNG posting this morning, I took a little more time… though now that I think about it… I didn't ask for him not to sue me 🙂 PAX asked if gloves would be needed. I said that we're probably OK without and that it wouldn't be too bad. We'll ease the FNG in 😬

Mosey around the loop and back to the stage. Side Straddle Hop, Moroccan Night Club, little baby arm circles, weed picker, Imperial Walker

Announce that we're going to do a modified version of week 3 IronPax challenge from 2020. Sighs and mumblechatter starts. Ball-boy immediately tells his FNG that It's not gonna be easy. 😬 😬

Week 3 2020 was Keep it Simple Stupid
We modified the run for this one. 400meter run was replaced by a town center loop

100 Merkins
90 Squats
80 Merkins
70 Squats
60 Merkins
50 Squats
40 Merkins
30 Squats
20 Merkins
10 Squats
2 Loops

As usual, YHC was at the back of the pack, so thanks to the PAX for picking up the six for the FNG and myself.

This challege was actually a timed challenge… we had about 15 minutes left over, so quick recover and then a mosey around the movie theatre and back to the small wall / brick area by the cars

On our Six for some Mary:
Dying Cochroach
FNG called what was the Freddy Mercury (already jumping in… love it)
High Knees/Burpee Circle
Flutter Kick
Pickle Pounder
Pretzel Crunches

– 3rd F opportunity with Hooch tonight and Saturday morning. See ReadyMix for details with helping someone move.
– Beer Ruck in Gwinnett From Norcross to Duluth. See Popper or Feathers for details.
– Praise for Homer's Daughter
– Prayers for Dinghy interview
– Announcement for summer bushw0.0d AO which will start on 6/4. See Popper, Flo, Sunshine for details

We also handed off the flag for the AO to Wingnut today. He is one of the FNGs at Bridge who has stuck around and really gotten involved with F3 at Hooch and PTC AOs. Happy to have him upgrade the Role! 😀

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