Better Late Than Never… or Ezra

AO: Tracks
When: 05/20/2021
Number of PAX: 7
PAX Names: val, Animal, Saint2O, Radar, BallBoy, Ready-Mix, Feathers
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: BallBoy

After a 100% alarm fail the previous week, YHC was sure to have a backup alarm for a second attempt at his first Q at the Tracks this week. As penance for the fartsack Q, coffee was to be provided after a successful beatdown. 3 PAX started off with a 5k pre-run before the real fun began

PAX circled up around the fountain to limber up the old joints.

Arm Circles (front/back)
Weed Pickers
Copperhead Squats

We mosyed to everyones favorite stairs next to City Hall while YHC got the tunes going with some 90s favorites. We continued to get warm with some 11s…

Squats at the bottom of the stairs
Star Jumps at the top of the stairs

With the legs nice and halfway to jelly, we mosyed back to the fountain to prep for some terrace work.

Round 1
First level: 5 Burpees
Second level: 10 Merkins
Third Level: 15 Smurf Jacks
Fourth Level: 20 Dips
Fifth Level: 25 SSH

Round 2: Add 5 reps to each exercise
Round 3: Add 5 reps to each exercise
Round 4: Add 5 reps to each exercise

To a man, the PAX were all stoked to start the last round with 20 burpees. We concentrated on form, not speed and were still left with time for a little fun.

A little partner Catch Me if You Can around the 'amphitheater' crescent consisted of:

Partner 1: Broad jump
Partner 2: 4 Alpha Peter Parkers, Bear Crawl to catch up, then switch

YHC did warn the Broad Jumpers to take it slow but alas, some Bear Crawlers were left to crawl nearly the entire crescent before catching up. Guess that's what happens when you experiment but when people get faster at Bear Crawls, everyone wins.

Rounded things out with a solid 6 MOM:

Pretzel Crunches
Side-to-side plank hops
Heel Touches
Frog Crunches (not Crunchy Frogs)

Lifted up those we know who are gravely ill with COVID as well as Feathers M's general health, and those traveling.

Happy to take the Q today for this burgeoning AO. It was actually YHC's first Q outside of my 2 usual locations but I do love the location and the potential it brings. Great work done by all!

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