Homer’s Board of Pain at the Coliseum

AO: Coliseum
When: 04/26/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: homer, Bulldog, gilligan, Long Haul, geo
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer

We met at the normal spot in front of Town Hall and mosey’d around the side and down the stairs to the back by the Bowl. Circled up for Weed Picker, SSH, Imperial Walker and Copperhead Squats

Pretty simple activity today for the full time alloted. Finish the Board of Pain.

It is comprised of:

Burpees – 100
SSH – 150
PlankJacks – 100
Merkins – 100
Squats – 100
LBC’s – 200
American Hammers – 100
Makhtar N’dayes – 100
Jump Squats – 100
Mountain Climbers – 100
Air Presses – 200
Lunges – 100
Freddy Mercury – 100
Star Jumps – 100
Dolly’s – 100
Burpees – 100

We partnered up. YHC joined the team of Gilligan and Long Haul. One partner exercise while other partner ran down to end of green and back. My apple watch says we did 2 miles. Not sure I believe that.

With 10 minutes left, I stopped the runners and the five PAX finished the board. We divided the remaining exercises by 5 and managed to finish the board with a few minutes for Mary.

Dying Cockroach, Box Cutter, Michael Phelps, Ankle Taps, and Weezy Jeffferson

Prayed for Long Haul test results and prayed for Homer and Gilligan’s daughters who are nearing end of senior year and looking at college.

Thankful for these men in Sugar Hill. Great to see them again. Glad that I was able to get up and see how downtown Sugar Hill is growing up. It’s an amazing place. Gonna have to get up there more often.

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