Homer BD at Cherokee Bluffs

AO: Bluffs
When: 06/04/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: homer, Favre, MC, Double Fault, TBone
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer

It's about 30 minutes from door to drive for YHC. Peachtree Corners to (what is this place, Buford? Flowery Branch? Gwinnett? Hall?)

I pulled in at 5:10 and saw a Hall County Sheriff sitting doing paperwork. Not knowing how many folks pull into this dark park predawn, I wanted to make sure he realized I was a friendly. Parked at the flagpole and threw on my NOX Vest and Headlamp and went for a "run." Pulled up along side him and said hello. Said he had a full night. 4 arrests. Was sitting doing paperwork. Wow. Big ups to our Police. They do more than we ever know. Eventually some cars started pulling into the park. I knew this would be the Bluffs' PAX. I moseyed back and met Favre planting the flag.

Eventually 5:30 hit and there were 5 of us in a circle. Recognized TBone who made the trek down to the Bridge on Monday for the Murph. He mentioned that he just has been able to raise his hands over his heard. MC is obviously a faithful PAX and always has a smile on his face. Double Fault looked like he was ready to get at it. No reason to delay… Standard disclaimer. Let's Mosey.

Ran down past the flag pole. Did some DB drills and then eventually found our way back by the pole for some SSH, weedpicker, Moroccan Night Club, little baby arm circles and reverse LBACs.

On to the multi step Thangs

First before leaving our warm up area, we did SSH again aloud in cadence to 5 and then the PAX would keep the count to 15. End together or there is punishment of 5 burpees.

Took the penalty the first time through, and then attempted again… this time the PAX finished correctly together. Always fun to pull that one out early and see if everyone is awake… and then sometimes pull it out at the end to see if everyone is coherent after the Beatdown. We DID repeat this at the end. No spoilers for now. Keep reading.

Next we mosey'd down to the amphitheater. F3 Workout Deck was introduced to the Bluffs' PAX. We ended up doing 5 rounds with some intermission workouts.
Round 1:
– 400 M sprint. (modified sprint/run up the road to the parking lot and back. These men can run as opposed to YHC. Good job men
– 17 LBCs
– 25 Monkey Humpers
– 19 Ranger Merkins
– 14 Heels to Heaven
End of round, we ran up and around and down the stairs of the amphitheatre

Round 2:
– 60 second low plank
– 14 Carolina Dry Dock
– 15 Each Side Oblique Crunch
– Backward Run – We chose the same route as before. Up the road and back
– Karaoke – Guess what, we did the same route. Maybe not the whole way…
End of Round Intermission, we did a balls to the wall competition. Think TBone was the winner.

Round 3:
– Lunge Walk. YHC chose a shorter route due to time and back.
– First Ace – 100 Arm Circles
– 17 Derkins
– 25 Diamond Merkins
– Another Ace – 100 Flutter Kicks

That concluded our Workout Deck portion. We moseyed back up the hill and to the Homer Van.

Pulled out the Pallet that was still in the back from Thursday's beatdown at the Tracks in Duluth. We loaded it up with the cinderblock and ruck. ~60lbs and then while 4 carried the pallet around the parking lot, 1 PAX performed 5 burpees and then ran to catch up. Did this until all 5 PAX did burpees. It was at this point that we were sharing the parking lot with some women who had arrived for their own in the gloom workout. I'm curious what their connection is. Wonder if they've heard of FIA or if they're just a group of friends who are doing fellowship and fitness together. Might need to introduce ourselves sometime and see if they're open to us promoting them to ladies we know.

Finished the pallet walk and returned to the shovelflag for some Mary. Dying Cockroach, American Hammer, Freddy Mercury, LBCs, Mountain Climbers.

6:15 and we were done. Good job men!

Praying for those traveling. A friend who's M is having some neck surgery. Prayed for us to be leaders we're called to be. Prayed for the new Alpha North Dawson AO that is launching tomorrow. Discussed new Saturday Ruck AO that we're looking to start soon in Gwinnett.

It's always good to get around. One of the reasons I handed off the Bridge Shovel Flag and SiteQ responsibilities to Wingnut was so that I could make a greater effort at getting out to the Bluffs more often. I think that this is a HUGE opportunity for expansion in the newish Gwinnett Region. I know a lot of men who are up in this area and hope that one day they'll post with me up here.

I think in a few years we will see this AO was a huge part of our movement up into Hall County and around the east side of Lake Lanier. It's time for us to unlock people and help them realize that F3 is more than a workout group.

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