Ghost Town Beat Down

AO: Tracks
When: 07/22/2021
Number of PAX: 2
PAX Names: BallBoy, Sugar,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Sugar

It was a dark and stormy week. Kinda. @Homer was scheduled to Q his 14th BD of the week, but had to call out the day before due to not being able to remember which AO was which and where he was supposed to be… or maybe he was feeling a little under the weather. You say, "tomato", I say "I'll get it". YHC hadn't stepped up to Q in quite sometime and had recently surpassed the one year mark from when I first posted to F3. Plus, if I Q it becomes my own fault if I don't get my name posted on the list of PAX. The evening before the gloomy morning I had returned from a church event for our students and quickly recorded the ideas I had been tossing around for a Q so that my thoughts would be organized. Having not posted at Tracks regularly, I did a quick Google Maps survey to get an idea of what was available for me to work with. Then, just before retiring to slumber, my M reminded me that she was going to kick me out of bed in the morning when my alarm went off so I had better, "turn everything off and go to sleep."

The morning came and I pulled into the lot to get ready. I was alone. Not sure if I would be conducting a Q for just me, I walked the area to be sure of my plans. Shortly before time, @BallBoy arrived. We waited for the time to begin and discussed the situation being that whenever YHC posts at an AO that is not #Hooch or #Bridge the BD becomes an impressive ghost town, even in AOs that are healthy and striving. 5:30 arrived and the two brave adventurers set off.

We started with a medium mosey around the back side of the stage up to Lawrenceville Hwy and down to the rock pile. There, after a 5 burpee buy in, the two brave PAX engaged in the follwing:

Copperhead Squats (slow to stop in each position)
Moroccan Night Club and
Imperial Walkers

YHC instructed both PAX (myself included) to grab a coupon from the rock pile. There was brief foreshadowing that the only overhead would be an overhead press and so a fairly healthy size rock/coupon would be appropriate. After an explanation and then the first train burpee penalty, two mighty PAX began 21-15-9 of the following movements:
Goblet Squats
Overhead Presses
Lunges (Alpha Count w/ Coupon)
following each round, PAX executed another 5 burpees and took a short mosey down to a nearby planter island and back.

PAX then took another mosey over to the side of the stage near a set of garage doors. PAX partnered up (haha) and did three rounds of BTTW while the second partner lunge walked to the opposite sidewalk and back (about 50 feet round trip).

PAX recover walked back to the area near the stage where 11's was announced. PAX executed 11's of Dips and Burpees with a mosey across the sidewalk between movements.

PAX then retired back to the flagless meeting area where Mary began. PAX 1 called for box cutters. Then there was a second train penalty. PAX 2 called for Freddy Mercury. Then time was up.

YHC reminded all PAX of #Bushwood and #Bridge on Friday morning. Prayers were solicited for @Sugar's family's Florida pursuits and for @BallBoy's family's upcoming time in North Carolina. Closed in prayer.

YHC is thankful for the F3 groups, both Gwinnett and Alpha. Many excellent men have lead their share of Q's and this was only my second. I ought to lead more, but am hesitant to commit not knowing when I will be able to post from week to week. I need to be more challenging in committing myself to the group. I hope the Gwinnett family will continue to grow and that each of the Gwinnett AO's will have successful turnouts as the weeks go on.

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