4 Corners at the Library and a Pallet

AO: Tracks
When: 06/03/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: homer, Animal, Saint2O, BallBoy,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Homer

Animal, BallBoy, Saint20 and Homer all showed up for the prerun. The three runners did the 5k donut dash route. Homer put in about 2 miles to roundabout and up/down hill.

4 veterans. No need for disclaimer. Mosey past city hall to cemetery entry. Slow count weed picker, hill billy. Train whistle = 5 burpees. We’re warmed up.

Mosey to the library for 5 rounds of 4 Corners

– 20 V-ups at each corner and run between.
– 20 LBCs alpha count / run between
– 20~ Freddy Mercury / run between
– 20~ flutter kicks / run between
– 20 gas pumpers / run between

Move to wall by library front door.
2 rounds of Balls to wall while partner bear crawls up steps and 5 star jumps / rinse repeat

Mosey back to the Homer Van. Remove wooden Pallet from back. Load it up with 1 cinder block and ruck… around 60lbs total. Go for walk around town green. Walk over to rock pile. Grab 4 more rocks and continue walk.

One more train whistle along the way – 5 more burpees.

Back to parking lot for Mary

Annie’s, dying cockroach, Peter Parker’s, SSH. Finished right before third train whistle of day.


Maybe the best part of morning was just being with these men. We all circled up at 101 Bagel Cafe afterward. Good hard workout and good fellowship with coffee.

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