Ramping up the Doras

AO: Meathouse
When: 07/13/2021
Number of PAX: 4
PAX Names: BallBoy, Meatball, Boomer, popper,
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: BallBoy

YHC stepped in for an ailing ReadyMix at the Meathouse this week. I've been a taker more than a giver at this AO so it was only right. Folks, you need to get out to the Meathouse for a different kind of workout. You won't get run to death and the weight will get you jacked!

Weed Pickers
Imperial Walkers

Rucks on and blocks in hand (except for Meatball who came with neither) we moseyed toward the parking deck. Along the way, we picked up a coupon generously provided by the City of Peachtree Corners. I have dubbed it "Falcon Heavy" both for its extraordinary weight and our recent SpaceX launch sighting at this AO. It's a good penalty for those who show up coupon-less…

After a 5 Blockee buy-in, we started at the bottom on the parking deck ramp, performed the Dora exercises then moseyed with coupons up the ramp to the other side of the deck. Repeated exercises, and continued until reaching the top. 4 stops altogether.
-10 Merkins
-20 Kettle Bell Swings (coupon)
-30 Curls (coupon)

After another 5 Blockee ante, we headed down, this time with 3 stops and 3 new exercises at each:
-10 Overhead Presses (coupon)
-20 Squats (coupon)
-30 Calf Raises (on coupon)

Now back at the bottom, one more 5 Blockee ante, then we did a Zampor-indian Walk around the theater to the grassy patch.
Here the 4 PAX got in a circle (read: square) and performed a new maneuver, the neverending Kettlebell Coupon Pass. This did, in fact, end at some point and we moved onto the endless Overhead Press Coupon Pass (which also ended once YHC was tired).

Time remaining, we did four rounds of 5 Step Ups and 5 Dips on the wall, then moseyed back to the parking deck, curling those coupons all the way.

There we ended with some coupon-Mary:
-Leg raises
-Supine Overhead Block Raises (I guess)
-Reverse LBCs
-40 Coupon Bench Presses

Prayers for travels and family relationships

I really enjoy these workouts… glad I could contribute and I hope to see more guys out there pushing hard! Honored to lead as always

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