Not Doing a Lot of Coupon Work

AO: Hall of Justice
When: 07/13/2021
Number of PAX: 11
PAX Names: homer, val, Animal, Bulldog, Radar, YouTube, Mayhem, MC, Double Fault, Sensei, See ya,
Number of FNGS:
FNG Names:
QIC: Val

YHC put out a call to post for my birthday Q on Slack. With no idea how many would post, YHC thought maybe 5 and 6 would be a huge turnout. Little did YCH expect that 11 would show. Especially when the call included a coupon.

After picking up Sensei from from his house, we made our way to the rally point where Homer had already planted the new F3Gwinnett flag. It was great to see MC and Double Fault (EH'd me) as well as Animal coming in from his prerun and meeting Mayhem for the first time was a treat. Bulldog was flush with coupons for all and YouTube and SeeYa (when was your last post? Welcome back brother!!) came in smiling right before the warmup.

We moseyed over to City Hall with our coupons to warm up as Homer yelled "Where's Radar? Locked in the bathroom?"

13 in Cadence:
Shoulder Taps
Imperial Walkers
Mountain Climbers
Low Plank Hold
Then a 400 meter mosey

YHC saw #TheWin Memorial WOD posted on Twitter to honor @F3Greenwood Brut's father, Legendary Illini Track & Field Coach Gary Wieneke. What really impressed YHC was the 13 and 83 counts as it matched my birth day and year!

83 Reps of Each followed by 8 Burpees before moving on to the next exercise:

Shoulder Presses w/ Coupon
Kettle Bell Swings w/ Coupon

The first bit of grumblechatter involved some complaining about how many merkins were called and that we had to finish them before moving on. My inner Simba was channeled as I finished first. After finishing LBC's, as everyone was working on the 8 burpees, Homer asked if a train passes, do we have to do the 5 burpees to which YHC said, you mean 10? Yes, we will need to complete the 10. As if summoning a train from nowhere, the beautiful sound of a freight train horn sounded loud and more grumblechatter ensued.

Additional grumblechatter was provided as we undertook the 83 coupon shoulder presses. These were tough and posed quite a challenge for YHC. What was even harder was performing the 8 burpees following the presses as my arms collapsed as I went into the plank position of the burpee.

There seems to be some confusion in F3 as to what the difference between Alpha count, In Cadence, and Single Count is. Flutterkicks seem to highlight this confusion as they did Saturday at No Longer Bound. My take is that both legs (right, left) is 1 in Alpha count and in Cadence is both legs twice (right 1, left 2, right 3, left "count") and single count is each leg is counted. Maybe we can put this out there for debate.

Prayers for YHC travel to Michigan today, Homer's Q at Yard for some downrange missionaries from Norway (Americans on mission in Norway), and job changes for YouTube and Radar.

I will not stop my mission to preach that men need male relationships. If a free workout for men won't suffice to get another man to ring first bell, then express that that man needs other men in his life. He cannot honestly deny it, because it is universal in truth. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the 10 other men who posted this morning in the gloom to celebrate my birthday. It means more than you know. I love all of you. Maverick, out…

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