Iron Pax – Blocks Edition

AO: Bluffs
When: 06/11/2021
Number of PAX: 5
PAX Names: Bulldog, GingerAle, MC, Yee-Haw, T-Bone
Number of FNGS: 0
FNG Names:
QIC: Bulldog

Excited about finishing up my world tour for the week I couldn’t sleep and got up early to do a little scouting of the area. Found a flag pole that would be the perfect place to commence the beat down. Today’s beat down was a modified version of another Greenwood F3 Iron Pax Challenge. The men started pouring in early, something I was not used to.

Mosey, little baby arm circles forward then pool pissers, weed pickers and merkins. Mosey to the truck to get the blocks.

With your block 10 thrusters between each exercise and a rifle carry there and back from each station.
25 Derkins
25 Blockees
25 Weighted Squats
25 KB swings
25 Vertical Block presses
25 Alpos
Yee-haw really accelerated towards the end really pushing hard.

Arms and shoulders were on fire and spent!
Mosey to amphitheater for some dips, Bulgarian split squats, and air squats, legs just starting to burn so time to make a longer mosey. This is when T-bone took off like Forrest, I tried to keep up but to no prevail.

Returned to beginning for a round of Mary consisting of LBCs, American hammers, sweat angels, crunchy frogs, and Freddie Mercury’s

Executioner’s M for possible upcoming neck surgery.
Ginger Ale praises for healing up from a previous injury.
Praise that Pup doing well at new job
Bulldog’s M’s uncle with stage 4 lymphoma

Had a great time traveling across the country getting know other pax and their AO’s! I want to encourage everyone to get out and visit other AO’s, so glad that I made it a point to do so and it has changed my weekly routine going forward.

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