Backblast Format for Slack

Backblast Format for Slack

Copy and paste this format when creating a new backblast in Slack. If followed, PAXminer will automatically record the data and the PAX will be able to see what was done

Backblast: [name of beatdown i.e. Flexing for Paying Customers]

Date: [put date in format 01/23/2023]

AO: [tag AO here. i.e. #ao-hall-of-justice]

PAX: [tag all PAX in attendance including yourself]

Q: [tag yourself here. i.e. @Val]

Count: [enter numerical count here. i.e. 5]

Conditions: [weather conditions]

Disclaimer: DiCCS checklist completed.

Warm-o-Rama: Side Straddle Hops, Weed Pickers, Flappy Birds

The Thang: [describe your beatdown]

Mary: [mary description if any]

COT: [prayer requests/praises]

Announcements: [announcements if any]

Naked Man Moleskin: [whatever notes, observations, or musings you want to add]

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